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The National Reporting and Learning Service has produced a number of practical toolkits to help NHS managers and healthcare staff implement patient safety initiatives and guidelines.


There are also analysis tools to help staff learn from patient safety incidents and prevent them happening again.


Toolkits include:

  • Analysis tools, for example the Incident Decision Tool which helps managers to identify appropriate management action for staff involved in a patient safety incident


Search or browse the directory below for toolkits.

TitleIssue dateType
Placenta Praevia after Caesarean Section Care Bundle10 February 2010Toolkit
Intrapartum Scorecard10 February 2010Toolkit
Review of Intrapartum–Related Perinatal Deaths Pro Forma10 February 2010Toolkit
Preventing suicide: a toolkit for mental health services25 November 2009Toolkit
Hospital hydration best practice toolkit25 August 2009Toolkit
Radiotherapy self-assessment tool01 April 2009Toolkit
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) report-writing tools and templates01 September 2008Toolkit
Foresight training01 March 2008Toolkit
Protected Mealtimes01 January 2007Toolkit
Safe Foundations21 August 2006Toolkit