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Patients, service users, carers and members of the public

Every day, more than a million people are treated safely and successfully within the NHS. But there are times when things can go wrong, no matter how dedicated and professional the staff.


The National Reporting and Learning Service (NRLS) works to help make the NHS a safer place for patients by identifying risk and advising the NHS on how to improve safety.


We collate information on patient safety incidents from across the NHS in England and Wales. This information is then analysed and guidance given to the NHS on how to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.


We work to help and encourage healthcare staff to be more open with patients and their families/carers when mistakes are made with their healthcare. We have advised all NHS organisations to have a Being open policy in place.


We also highlight the importance of involving patients in their own care and encourage staff to include patients in decisions about their healthcare.


The NRLS does not offer health or treatment advice. Nor do we have powers to investigate individual cases or complaints about the NHS organisation that provides your care. Find out who can help with advice about your care, or how to make a complaint.


We do however have resources for patients, the public, service users and carers on specific subject areas. These are listed below.