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Hospital nurse

Hospital nurses provide medical care to, and support the recovery of, patients in hospital. They carry out care within a multidisciplinary team, and together with doctors, spend a great deal of time with the patients during their care. They include specialist and general nurses.


Hospital nurses are key to ensuring the safety of the patients they care for. The majority of incidents that are reported to the Reporting and Learning System (RLS) are reported from the acute sector. This enables the National Reporting and Learning Service (NRLS) to analyse and learn from incidents, and develop guidance that can be implemented across the NHS.


NRLS guidance for hospital nurses includes Rapid Response Reports and Patient Safety Alerts on specific areas of care.


The NRLS has also produced a toolkit on foresight training for nurses to help pre- and post-registration nurses develop and practise the skills needed to identify situations when a patient safety incident is more likely to occur.


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