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GP/community doctor

Community doctors or general practitioners are often the first point of access to healthcare, providing primary care in community settings. 
In medical terms they are generalists, and undertake extensive additional training after qualifying as a doctor. As well as treating patients themselves, they refer them to specialised, secondary healthcare services.

General practitioners deal with a wide range of conditions and patient types, all of which can present their own patient safety issues.
The National Reporting and Learning Service has produced a range of patient safety resources for general practitioners, including:


Webinar: Seven steps to patient safety in general practice

On 23 September 2009, a webinar was held describing the Seven steps to patient safety in general practice.


Details of all webinars


Resources for general practitioners are shown below. 

TitleIssue dateType
Recognising and instigating prompt treatment for necrotising fasciitis | Signal28 February 2012Signal
Prevention of Harm with Buccal Midazolam | Signal28 February 2012Signal
Risk of skin-prep related fire in operating theatres | Signal28 February 2012Signal
Risk of harm following gastric bypass | Signal28 February 2012Signal
Diagnosis of death after cessation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation | Signal28 February 2012Signal
Risk of harm from CPM syndrome following rapid correction of sodium | Signal28 February 2012Signal
Patient safety issues related to gastrostomy | Signal28 February 2012Signal
Keeping newborn babies with a family history of MCADD safe in the first hours...26 October 2011Alert
The adult patient’s passport to safer use of insulin30 March 2011Alert
Imperforate anus in newborn babies | Signal25 March 2011Signal
Early detection and treatment of acute limb ischaemia | Signal25 March 2011Signal
The risk of harm from children and neonates entangled in lines | Signals14 February 2011Signal
Haemorrhages from arteriovenous fistula | Signal14 February 2011Signal
Accurate patient weight | Signal29 October 2010Signal
Anticoagulated patients and head injury | Signal29 October 2010Signal
Delay in diagnosis and treatment of spinal cord compression | Signal29 October 2010Signal
Detecting harm following paracetamol overdose | Signal29 October 2010Signal
Never Events Annual Report 2009/1008 October 2010Data report
Reducing treatment dose errors with low molecular weight heparins30 July 2010Alert
Safer administration of insulin16 June 2010Alert