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Clinical risk managers and patient safety managers

Staff working in clinical risk/governance are responsible for developing systems that place clinical quality at the heart of all healthcare procedures.


All resources from the National Reporting and Learning Service (NRLS) complement the work of clinical governance staff by identifying areas of risk and providing guidance to help improve clinical quality.


NRLS resources include:



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TitleIssue dateType
Potassium solutions: risks to patients from errors occurring during intravenous...31 October 2002Alert
Engaging Clinicians31 October 2002Guidance
Design for Patient Safety Report01 January 2003Guidance
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) toolkit01 January 2004Toolkit
Understanding the patient safety issues for people with learning disabilities01 January 2004Guidance
Incident Decision Tree01 February 2004Toolkit
Establishing a standard crash call telephone number in hospitals24 February 2004Alert
Ensuring safer practice with Repevax and Revaxis vaccines01 May 2004Alert
Improving infusion device safety20 May 2004Alert
Improving infusion device safety: NPSA toolkit20 May 2004Toolkit