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Community pharmacy

There are about 12,000 community pharmacies in Great Britain. They can be high street, local or rural pharmacies, where patients can collect medicines ordered on doctors’ prescriptions or buy medicines over the counter.


Community pharmacies are visited by members of the public over two billion times each year. About 94 per cent of the population use community pharmacies at least once a year.


Recognising that the community pharmacy has a pivotal role to play in contributing to national learning from medication incidents, the National Reporting and Learning Service (NRLS) works to encourage pharmacy staff to share learning via incident reporting. 


The NRLS has developed a programme of work looking at the key issues in medication safety that relate to community pharmacy. These include:


  • A thematic analysis of patient safety incidents relating to medication: Safety in doses
  • Guidance on how the design and layout of the dispensing environment can make the dispensing process safer in community pharmacies


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