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Intrapartum Toolkit

The Intrapartum Toolkit provides tools for staff in maternity units to help monitor and improve patient safety.


Generic patient safety improvement tools, such as the Root Cause Analysis Toolkit, will be used throughout your organisation. However the Intrapartum Toolkit has been developed specifically for use by maternity services.


The Intrapartum Toolkit helps maternity units to:


  • monitor and improve patient safety; 

  • support safer clinical practice;

  • investigate patient safety incidents.


The tools include:


  • The Intrapartum Scorecard;

  • The Placenta Praevia after Caesarean Section Care Bundle;

  • The Review of Intrapartum-Related Perinatal Deaths Pro Forma.


We suggest you implement these tools and evaluate their use locally.


We welcome your feedback on these tools and suggestions for additional resources.


TitleIssue dateType
Placenta Praevia after Caesarean Section Care Bundle10 February 2010Toolkit
Intrapartum Scorecard10 February 2010Toolkit
Review of Intrapartum–Related Perinatal Deaths Pro Forma10 February 2010Toolkit