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Anaesthesia covers general, local and regional anaesthesia, pain control and critical care. Anaesthesia is undertaken in a variety of healthcare settings.


The National Reporting and Learning Service (NRLS) is working on a series of initiatives aimed at helping the NHS improve safety for patients, including:


  • Working with the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) and the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) to develop specialty-specific reporting for anaesthesia. The summary evaluation report of the pilot of the anaesthesia e-form is available here.

  • A Safer Anaesthesia Liaison Group has been developed to take forward sharing of data and national learning for anaesthesia



Resources relating to anaesthesia are listed below.

TitleIssue dateType
Checking pregnancy before surgery28 April 2010Alert
Never Events - Framework: Update for 2010-1124 March 2010Guidance
High Hazards- summary and full report01 March 2010Guidance
Pembury: summary report01 March 2010Guidance
Design for patient safety: user testing in the development of medical devices01 March 2010Guidance
ECT patient safety issues | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Placenta Praevia after Caesarean Section Care Bundle10 February 2010Toolkit
Anaesthetic e-form30 November 2009Guidance
Wrong side biopsy | Signal27 November 2009Signal
Residual anaesthetic drugs in cannulae | Signal27 November 2009Signal

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