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Implementing 'Towards Safer Radiotherapy'

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Issue date13 July 2010

In April 2008 the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) jointly published Towards Safer Radiotherapy, which looked at ways of reducing errors in radiotherapy caused by individual human error or failure of systems of work. The report set out a series of key recommendations, one of which was to establish a ‘uniform, specialty-specific system’ of reporting defined radiotherapy errors.


Implementing 'Towards Safer Radiotherapy' provides guidance for radiotherapy staff and risk managers in trusts where radiotherapy is delivered on the use of the classification and coding system described in Towards Safer Radiotherapy at local level; and the procedures for submitting the classified and coded data to the NPSA for analysis by the Health Protection Agency.


The accompanying document Local reporting of radiotherapy patient safety incidents presents the findings of a survey about variations in local and national reporting cultures, which was sent to all radiotherapy departments in England and Wales in 2008.