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Being Open: Webinars

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Issue date19 November 2009

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To mark the relaunch of Being open on 19 November 2009 the NRLS presented a programme of short webinars from expert speakers. 


The revised Being open: what it means for clinicians, PALS and other healthcare professionals

Martin Fletcher, Chief Executive, National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA), is joined by Professor Albert Wu (John Hopkins University, USA) and Emma Forbes (Lead for Being open, NPSA) to introduce the new Being open and talk through the background to the framework and resources supporting implementation.
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Duration: 1 hour 1 minute  


A webinar for boards and chief executives on leading the implementation of Being open

Dr Robina Shah OBE, (Chair, Stockport NHS FT), Dr James Catania (Medical Director, Stockport NHS FT), Judith Morris (Director of Nursing, Stockport NHS FT) at and Professor Steve Kraman (University of Kentucky, USA) explore strategies for leading the implementation of Being open.

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Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes  

The facts about saying sorry: addressing barriers to being open for clinicians, legal and risk managers
Dr John Scarpello, NPSA Deputy Medical Director, in a discussion with Steve Walker (CEO, NHS Litigation Authority), John Bowles (Manager, Welsh Risk Pool), Dr James Armstrong(Medico-Legal Advisor, The Medical Defence Union), Dr Paul Nisselle (Senior Consultant,  The Medical Protection Society),  Dr Marie Bismark (Buddie Findlay, NZ), and Dr Dennis Boyle (COPIC, USA), about the potential barriers to Being open from a clinician's perspective.

Download the webinar

Duration: 58 minutes


Embedding Being open: the role of senior clinical counsellors and how to identify them
Dr Kevin Cleary, Medical Director, NPSA is joined by Sue Smith (Director of Nursing and Patient Safety, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS FT) , Lyn McGlinchey (Risk Manager, Aintree University Hospitals NHS FT), Dr Tim McDonald (University of Illinois Medical Centre, USA), and Professor Rick Iedema (University of Technology Sydney, Australia) to explore the championing Being open and the new role of Senior Clinical Counsellor.

Download the webinar

Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes


Around the world: international perspectives on implementing open disclosure
The world's leading experts on open disclosure use international perspectives to debate the best techniques for implementing Being open in healthcare organisations. Dr Thomas Gallagher (University of Washington, USA) chairs this session.

Download the webinar

Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes 

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