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Engaging Clinicians

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Issue date31 October 2002

Engaging clinicians’ is a resource pack to help promote patient safety and the reporting of incidents amongst healthcare staff in training.

The National Reporting and Learning Service produced the pack in response to requests from NHS organisations. It aims to help NHS staff raise awareness in their organisation about:

  • patient safety; 
  • the importance of reporting incidents; and 
  • the benefits of sharing resources to improve patient safety.

It can be used by risk managers, clinical governance managers, training managers and ward or department managers in any healthcare setting. It may also be used by other healthcare staff with responsibility for, or an interest in, developing the skills, knowledge and awareness of patient safety amongst healthcare professionals.

The pack is modular. Each module lasts about 90 minutes and modules can be taken separately or together. The pack contains a variety of resources and examples of ways in which NHS organisations around the country have raised awareness of patient safety. Generic templates found in the pack can be customised with local examples to raise awareness of patient safety amongst all staff groups.

1053 - Engaging Clinicians - 2005 - V1
1053 - Engaging Clinicians - 2005 - V1 - 713 KB 1053 - Engaging Clinicians - 2005 - V1