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PEAT Assessments 2011

PEAT Assessments 2011
Reference number
Issue date07 December 2010
TypeData report

These forms comprise the Patient Environment Action Teams (PEAT) Assessments 2011.


PEAT is an annual self-assessment, established in 2000, of inpatient healthcare sites in England with more than 10 beds. This includes mental health and learning disabilities services.

Scores range from 1 (unacceptable) to 5 (excellent) for a range of key areas including:

  • food and food service;
  • cleanliness;
  • access and external areas;
  • infection control;
  • privacy and dignity; and 
  • patient environment (including toilets and bathrooms, lighting, floors, patient areas, etc.)

The scores indicate how well individual healthcare providers believe they are performing and are published online.

The forms are accompanied by notes setting out evaluation criteria for each key area.


Further information about PEAT including PEAT scores

PEAT Form 2011
PEAT Form 2011 - 1.36 MB NRLS | 1300 | PEAT Form 2011 | PEAT | 2010-12-07 | v1.pdf