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A risk matrix for risk managers

A risk matrix for risk managers
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Issue date01 January 2008



This guidance will help NHS risk managers implement an integrated system of risk assessment. It can be adapted, depending on the needs of individual NHS trusts.


The guidance has been developed following consultation with risk experts from different organisations and from institutions that teach or are experts in risk management. It is supported by background guidance along with the findings from workshops and consultations.


It can be used on its own as a tool for introducing risk assessments in an NHS organisation, for improving consistency or scope of risk assessments already in place, and for training.


Risks are usually analysed by combining estimates of consequence and likelihood in the context of existing control measures. In general, a risk rating is established using a two-dimensional grid or matrix, with consequence as one axis and likelihood as the other.


The document includes:


  • guidance on consequence scoring;
  • guidance on likelihood scoring;
  • risk scoring and grading;
  • relationship with incident scoring; and
  • a model matrix.

A risk matrix for risk managers
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