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Risk assessment programme

Risk assessment programme
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Issue date01 November 2006

The National Reporting and Learning Service (NRLS)  has developed a series of guides to support all NHS staff in risk management. If risks are properly assessed, the process can help set their priorities and improve decision-making to reach a balance of risk, benefit and cost.


There are three guides:

  • An overview, which describes the NRLS’s risk assessment work programme. It suggests tools and techniques that local NHS organisations can use in their risk management approach.

  • A guide for general practice, clinicians and local (integrated) commissioning groups, setting out patient safety risk assessment process when undertaking practice-based commissioning. Practice-based commissioning allows commissioners to transfer or redesign a service or patient pathway to improve patient experience and enhance health outcomes.

  • A guide for commissioners of out-of-hours (OOH) services. It aims to ensure that OOH service providers consider patient safety during service development, service reviews and during quality review and monitoring. Service providers should demonstrate that they have focused on patient safety by undertaking comprehensive risk assessments.

Risk assessment programme - Overview
Risk assessment programme - Overview - 605 KB 0439 - Risk assessment programme - Overview - 2006-11 - V1
Risk assessment - out of hours
Risk assessment - out of hours - 271 KB 0439A - Risk assessment - out of hours - 2006.11-v1
Risk assessment - practice based
Risk assessment - practice based - 199 KB 0439B - Risk assessment - practice based -2006.11- v1