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Organisation Patient Safety Incident Reports - data workbooks September 2013

Issue date25 September 2013
TypeData report

These data workbooks cover organisation patient safety incident reports data for incidents that occurred between 1 October 2012 and 31 March 2013 and were reported to the National Reporting and Learning System by end of May 2013.

The following workbooks are available:

- Data by organisation
- Data by region
- Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)
- Underlying data (.csv format)
- Patient Safety Report Explorer Tool
[Due to technical difficulties the explorer tool is temporarily unavailable, please contact datarequest@nrls.nhs.uk if you would like a copy of your organisation’s two page summary report. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. ]

Organisational data workbook
Organisational data workbook - 464 KB Version: NRLS Organisational data workbook (period Oct 12 and Mar 13)_V16A
Regional data workbook
Regional data workbook - 316 KB Version: NRLS SHA and Wales data workbook (period Oct 12 and Mar 13)_V16A