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Patient safety resources

These resources range from alerts and guidance to toolkits and data reports and can help healthcare professionals improve patient safety in their organisation.



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Subscribe to email alerts from the Central Alerting System (CAS) here. This system includes Safety alerts, emergency alerts, drug alerts, Dear Doctor letters and Medical Device Alerts.


Following the transfer of the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) to NHS Improvement on 1 April 2016, from 28 September 2016 the Organisational Patient Safety Incident Reports (OPSIR) and NRLS Quarterly Data Summaries (QDS) are now published on the NHS Improvement website. This begins with the publishing of the OPSIR October 2015 to March 2016 and the QDS reports for January to March 2016 and April to June 2016


Previous OPSIR and QDS data reports can still be found below.

TitleIssue dateType
Slips, trips and falls01 January 2007Data report
Design for patient safety: a guide to the design of the dispensing environment01 January 2007Guidance
Design for patient safety: A guide to the graphic design of medication...01 January 2007Guidance
Patient Safety Bulletin | January 200710 January 2007Guidance
Colour coding hospital cleaning materials and equipment10 January 2007Alert
Quarterly Data Summary Issue 7: Learning from reporting - focus on mental...01 February 2007Data report
Quarterly Data Summary Issue 7: Learning from reporting - medication incidents...01 February 2007Data report
Early identification of failure to act on radiological imaging reports05 February 2007Alert
Bedrails Safer Practice Notice26 February 2007Alert
Healthcare risk assessment made easy01 March 2007Guidance
Actions that can make anticoagulant therapy safer: Work competences01 March 2007Alert
Reducing the risk of hyponatraemia when administering intravenous infusions to...28 March 2007Alert
Actions that can make oral anticoagulant therapy safer: Information for...28 March 2007Alert
Actions that can make anticoagulant therapy safer: Alert and other information28 March 2007Alert
Epidural injections and infusions28 March 2007Alert
Promoting safer use of injectable medicines28 March 2007Alert
Promoting safer measurement and administration of liquid medicines via oral and...28 March 2007Alert
National specifications for cleanliness in the NHS01 April 2007Guidance
Risk of confusion between cytarabine and liposomal cytarabine (Depocyte)18 June 2007Alert
Quarterly Data Summary Issue 530 June 2007Data report