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Patient safety resources

These resources range from alerts and guidance to toolkits and data reports and can help healthcare professionals improve patient safety in their organisation.



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Subscribe to email alerts from the Central Alerting System (CAS) here. This system includes Safety alerts, emergency alerts, drug alerts, Dear Doctor letters and Medical Device Alerts.

As of 1 April 2016, Patient Safety is now part of NHS Improvement.


You can contact Patient Safety, make a general enquiry, raise a concern or raise an FOI on the NHS Improvement website.

TitleIssue dateType
Mental health patients in transit | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Injectable medicines in theatres | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Extravasation of neonates revisited | Signal26 February 2010Signal
ECT patient safety issues | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Design for patient safety: user testing in the development of medical devices01 March 2010Guidance
High Hazards- summary and full report01 March 2010Guidance
Pembury: summary report01 March 2010Guidance
National framework for reporting and learning from serious incidents requiring...01 March 2010Guidance
Design for patient safety: A guide to the design of electronic infusion devices24 March 2010Guidance
Organisation Patient Safety Incident Reports March 201024 March 2010Data report
Never Events - Framework: Update for 2010-1124 March 2010Guidance
Delayed diagnosis of cancer: Thematic review26 March 2010Data report
Early detection of complications after gastrostomy31 March 2010Alert
WHO Surgical Safety Checklist: for radiological interventions only09 April 2010Guidance
Checking pregnancy before surgery28 April 2010Alert
Reducing the risk of retained swabs after vaginal birth and perineal suturing26 May 2010Alert
WHO Surgical Safety Checklist: for cataract surgery only 27 May 2010Guidance
Medical error. What to do if things go wrong: a guide for junior doctors07 June 2010Guidance
Safer administration of insulin16 June 2010Alert
Slips, trips and falls data update23 June 2010Data report